Thursday, March 26, 2009

26-Mar-2009 AM clippings


Linux kernel 2.6.29 is out, featuring WiMAX, filesystem freeze, 4096 CPU capability and a Tasmanian devil instead of a penguin:

The NZ Commerce Commission call for mobile costs to be cut to 7c a minute for mobile and land calls, and 1c per text message:

Skype is now the largest long-distance phone company in the world:

A new attempt is made to bring accelerated 3D graphics to the web, this time using the Open Standards OpenGL and ECMAScript:

A botnet is found based on a worm that is spreading through badly secured routers and DSL modems:

A European team has made a silicon chip holding 200,000 neurons linked by 50 million synapses. Aims to build an artificial brain:

And finally. US President Obama gives UK PM Brown a set of classic US movie DVDs - which he can't play because of zoning restrictions:

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