Thursday, May 21, 2009

21-May-2009 AM clippings


HP Issues a lithium battery recall on HP and Compaq branded laptops:

The Herald catches on to the money wasted on proprietary software in NZ government and the lack of an exit strategy from G2009 agreement:

The Free Software Foundation settiles its suit with Cisco, who will appoint a Free Software Director, advise on rights, and pay up:

The OpenDocument Format Alliance publishes the results of testing the Microsoft implementation of ODF for interoperability. Not good:

Using air as one of the components of a lithium battery could increase energy density by a factor of 10:

Optical storage technology looks towards storing data in polarized layers and at multiple wavelengths to increase density by 300:

And finally. A robotic gun malfunctions and takes out 9 soldiers in South Africa. Who places the limits on robotic weapons?:

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