Monday, May 25, 2009

25-May-2009 AM clippings


A flaw is discovered in the design of SSH. OpenSSH 5.2 contains some countermeasures, but the vulnerability is still in the specs:

The Massachusetts Supreme Court orders the return of a laptop after declaring that you can't use linux as an excuse for a search:

Charitable services get ready to dump Microsoft software if the software distributor increases prices as planned - as much as 500%:

Dell demonstrates a Mini 10V netbook running Google's Android 1.5 operating system. Android described as "small and snappy":

Apple looks to be building a US$1 billion server farm in the US and is hunting for tax breaks from the poorer counties in North Carolina:

North Korea begins a limited internet service on mobile phones, showing official Korean state news services. There are 20K users:

And finally. A German gangster learns that one should always set the safety on one's 9mm before puting it in one's trousers:

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