Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27-May-2009 PM clippings


Licence dealings between Microsoft & the NZ government fail. The SSC says "... a formal agreement with MS is no longer appropriate.":

Pystar, makers of a Mac-compatible PC and subject of a lawsuit from Apple, file for bankruptcy protection:

Canonical is building an Andriod execution environment into Ubuntu so that mobile apps can run and interoperate on a PC or netbook OS:

Microsoft to launch a new version of the Zune to take on the iPod. US only, OLED touch screen, comes with Internet Explorer built-in:

USB 3.0 seems to be interoperable between manufacturers. Devices are expected in early 2010 and 45% of mobile PCs in 2012 will have it:

And finally. A Kiwi wins the UK's annual cheese-rolling contest. Michelle Kokiri also avoided being one of 18 casualties in the event:

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