Thursday, May 28, 2009

28-May-2009 PM clippings


Albany Senior High school now runs all its computers for 1,300 students plus staff on Open Source Software, saving $200,000 pa:

The next version of Skype allows users to share their screens, on Microsoft Windows at least. But you need to start a voice call first:

Plastic Logic to bring out (2010 Q1) an e-book reader to rival the Kindle DX, it's slimmer, has a full touchscreen, and WiFi/3G comms:

Ubuntu to get a consolidated App Centre GUI to combine all issues of package management and program installation - including reviews:

US President Obama's economic stimulus package encourages Wi-Fi to be added on to just about everything, to the tune of US$6.8 billion:

90.4% Of e-mail is spam, with 58% coming from botnets. The worst, called Donbot, is responsible for 18.2% of spam say Symantec:

And finally. A car owner in Rotterdam returns to his vehicle to find it entombed in a silken web & occupied by thousands of catterpillars:

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