Wednesday, June 3, 2009

03-Jun-2009 AM clippings


A glitch prevents Genesis users on prepay from buying more power on the first day of winter. 10,000 cold, angry users and no backup:

The NZOSS writes to the Auditor General and SSC Minister Tony Ryall asking them to supervise software selection after the G2009 collapse:

Windows 7 to officially go on sale on the 22nd Octoper 2009. Just figure out which of the 94 variants suits you best:

Microsoft securty updates take to adding their own extensions to Firefox, and they've disabled the "uninstall" button too:

Oracle to use Java and JavaFX to challenge Google Android on mobiles, and drop AJAX for JavaFX in OpenOffice - probably not a good thing:

Advanced Micro Devices readies 6-core "Istanbul" and "Shanghai" quad-core Opterons to take on Itel's Nehalems:

And finally. Tokyo-based Nakabayashi has created a machine that makes 2 toilet rolls from 1,800 sheets of paper per hour:

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