Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21-Jul-2009 AM clippings


NZ Post shifts all its e-mail services into the Google cloud:

Microsoft releases Linux drivers for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V under the GPL 2.0:

Vulnerability found in the new Firefox 3.5.1 bowser. Turn off javascript or use NoScript plugin until fix available:

The first serious Linux kernel bug for a while appears too. Confirmed in versions 2.6.30 and :

Jonathan Lamy, chief spokesperson for the RIAA, declares DRM dead:

New Zealand's road toll is increasing, due in part to the increased use of mobile phones by drivers:

And finally. If Amazon was going to reach into people's Kindle e-book libraries and delete books, only "1984" could procude maximum irony:

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Brenda said...

No actual evidence behind the claim of cellphones causing the accidents.

"Crash investigators say they have anecdotal evidence that more and more motorists are talking and texting on cellphones while behind the wheel."

anecdotal is the best they've got - anecdotal, and it isn't even linked to the crashes.

Vik Olliver said...

Yeah, they need to do their homework and actually read the studies showing that it's dangerous to use a phone and drive. There's a good few of 'em:



etc. But then, if they looked too hard they'd probably have to come to the conclusion that handsfree sets were just as bad, and we can't ban them 'cos they're used by lots of rich people...

Vik :v)