Monday, July 27, 2009

27-Jul-2009 PM clippings


Amazon apologises for deleting people's e-books from their Kindles:

Advert click statistics reveal Bing users to be more gullibe than Google or Yahoo users, and may be using it because they saw an ad:

An 8% slip in the Microsoft share price has some concerned that the recession is not over in the IT sector:

Russian companies try to get legislation passed to ban Skype, because the local VoIP companies just can't compete. Protectionism? Why, yes:

Karoo, the trigger-happy UK ISP, has now stopped disconnecting users on demand and instituted a 3 written warnings policy:

European versions of Windows 7 to ship with a "ballot screen," so users can pick their browser. Not a bad idea for Linux either:

And finally. A truly new twist in Bluetooth headset design. Starting as a ring with caller ID, it morphs into a small but stylish headset:

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