Thursday, October 15, 2009

15-Oct-2009 PM clippings


NZ Telecom gets nailed in court for anti-competitive behaviour and has to pay a NZ$10 million fine for breaches of the commerce Act:

Amberdms Billing System V1.3 is out as GPL. A web application with accounting, invoicing, service management, time keeping & support:

Solar-powered mobile phones are a hit in Uganda. All you have to do is find somewhere to leave it in the sun where it won't get nicked:

Hackers manage to join a proper keyboard to the iPhone. It's a bit of a bodge, but shows the way seeing as Apple won't do Bluetooth:

And finally. The Swedes find the missing dot in their internet, but invoke ire by heating homes in Varmland by burning fluffy bunnies:

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