Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21-Oct-2009 PM clippings


After 6 months of work, Dr Te Taka Keegan's work with Google comes to fruition and Google Translate now supports the Māori language:

Microsoft seem to be doing fairly well at recovering the personal data from the wreckage of the Sidekick/Danger servers:

Digital NZ are running another hackfest in Auckland on the 7th Novemeber, inviting people to play with their mashup API:

How using Open Source in healthcare could turn the current system of pockets of healthcare into a more efficient, interoperable whole:

Barnes and Noble to release their e-book called the "nook". US only, much like a kindle, US$259 but free wi-fi in Barnes & Noble stores:

The self-fabricating RepRap 3D printers can work upside down. Which means they should be able to work in space:

And finally. MIT Reworks the pop-up book with modern technology so that it lights up, moves and makes noises. The book, not MIT:

Vik :v) Diamond Age Solutions Ltd.


SamV said...

Is that a deliberately ironic encoding bug?

Did you mean to write Māori, or Māori? :)

Vik Olliver said...

No, it's one of those little sods that leaps up and bites me in the rear when I'm not expecting it.

Vik :v)

Vik Olliver said...

There, fixed. Now it says Māori properly.

Vik :v)