Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27-Oct-2009 AM clippings


IBM Launches its challenger to the Microsoft Windows 7 desktop, aiming to provide more functionality on less expensive hardware:

Windows 7 itself is not noticably faster than Vista, but on the plus side doesn't seem to need fancier hardware:

Sequoia Voting Systems ne Diebold accidentally releases the SQL code for its voting databases. SQL is interpreted and thus prohibited:

The Internet Archive has digitized 1.6 million books, and has made them available to the One Laptop Per Child ("$100 laptop") computers:

whitehouse.gov is now running on Drupal, an Open Source content management system, and itself is running on the Open LAMP stack:

Toyota experiments with replacing the steering wheel in their cars and using a joystick instead:

The excellent Pixel Qi daylight-readable, low power screen used in the One Laptop Per Child machine is finally made available to OEMs:

And finally. Tasers suffer a stunning turnaround as the manufacturer warns users not to fire Tasers at the victim's chest:

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