Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11-Nov-2009 PM clippings


Despite talk of piracy damaging their cut and the recession, the APRA manage to announce a substantial increase in profits:

Security firm FireEye takes out the Mega-D/Ozdok botnet. 1/3 of all spam came from the botnet's 264,000 zombie machines:

Emotive's wireless, mind-controlled USB interface is set for sale to eager Amnericans for Xmas. But is it just a resistance sensor?:

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have a seasonal scrap over who can offer the best free wifi connectivity this Xmas. US only, unfortunately:

Wellington Makerspace turns out an outrigger canoe and launches it with a can of V. Not high-tech, but it is capable of bathing geeks:

And finally. In celebration of the end of the Berlin Wall, some Palestinians tear down a chunk of the Israeli version:

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