Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26-Jan-2010 PM clippings


Australia plans to censor the internet using the old Nazi "to protect the children" myth. Not good, and you'll be next. Object. Now:

ACTA Is also being discussed again, in Mexico this time. It appears the excessive secrecy is even preventing UK MPs from seeing the deal:

Stuff article on more IE holes. Curiously, 70% approx. of the user poll claim to not use IE anyway, and 12% say they've switched:

NZ's Albany Senior High now held as an example of how to run a school using Open Source infrastructure:

The NZ health sector is not so lucky. It seems to be saying it is saving money by paying more for its software licences. Come again?:

GPS Navigation to come bundled on Android phones. Just so long as you are not in New Zealand. Sigh:

And finally. The extra loud soundtrack that we're told advertisements don't have is to be lowered in volume at last:

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