Thursday, January 28, 2010

28-Jan-2010 AM clippings


The evidence for the recent spate of attacks blamed on China appears to be dodgy at best. An algorithm allegedly Chinese is in wide use:

A free consignment of refurbished OLPCs is going to Haiti to help kids as 75% of the schools have been destroyed:

The Apple iPad has an optional keyboard dock and will work with existing bluetooth keyboards:

Now 3D printers can theoretically print 2D printers that don't depend on expensive consumables, a project starts to build an Open one:

The Foresight Foundation announces a US$80,000 prize for the design of a better RepRap 3D printer. An interim $20,000 is also on offer:

Telecom's XT phone network goes down South of Taupo again:

LG Show their 19" flexible e-paper screen off. That's an A3 display. An 11.5" version is to go to mass production soon:

And finally. Now botulism toxins are being produced on the black market, you can mail order very large quantities from China:

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