Tuesday, February 16, 2010

16-Feb-2010 AM clippings


Mattel introduce "Computer Engineer Barbie" for Christmas. Any resemblance between it and a real female engineer is, well, missing:

Google to roll out an experimental 1Gbit/sec fibre-to-the-home network to 50,000+ lucky Americans on a trial basis:

The cracks are starting to show around the edges of the top secret ACTA negotiations as the Europeans fail to "bend over":

ACS:Law in the UK is condemned for its mass mailout of dubious demands for settlement for alleged copyright infringement:

Intel and Nokia bad together on Meego, a merge of Maemo and Moblin, and a Linux distro that interestingly will run on ARM:

Physiologists hack a camera and mirror array from a projector to make a camera that can shoot 400 frames/sec and still have 1MP resolution:

And finally. The captain of Ady Gil, sunk by Japanese whalers, boards the whaler with an arrest warrant and invoice on a jetski:

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