Thursday, February 18, 2010

18-Feb-2010 AM clippings


Some actual details on the Mexico ACTA talks are released. As a leak, of course. Activities now include spin-doctoring to sooth the public:

Google injects US$2 million into Wikipedia on the quiet:

RepRap 3D printers can now print objects using clay as well as plastic:

The latest ARM Cortex-A9 CPU uses 28nm fab to improve performance by 40% and cut power by 30% running at 2GHz. Ready for ARM laptops?:

Chip-stacking brings the possibility of 1 TB FLASH drives in 2012, with this working prototype by Toshiba existing today:

And finally. DNA Hackers produce functioning DNA that uses a 4-bit rather than 3-bit code and can incorporate artificial amino acids:

Vik :v) Diamond Age Solutions Ltd.

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