Tuesday, June 1, 2010

01-Jun-2010 AM clippings


New Top 500 Supercomputers list is out, with China in the top 10 and NZ at 280 thanks to Weta Digital. Most run linux:

Malaysia's government has been encouraging Open Source use since 2004, resulting in huge savings and better performance. Report:

Whitcoulls release of the Kobo eReader exceeds their expectations, selling out completely over the weekend:

Google release a beta of a plugin that allows you to opt out of Google Analytics. Nice, but one thinks that one should opt in:

Sony's latest prototype flexible OLED screen is thinner than a human hair and can display streaming video while being rolled up:

And finally. 3D-Printed tooth scaffolds might allow new teeth to be grown in the patient's mouth in as little as 9 weeks:

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