Wednesday, June 9, 2010

09-Jun-2010 AM clippings


The NZOSS "Public Sector Remix" project produces a set of guidelines for reducing the hidden cost burdens of proprietary software:

If you do manage to get hold of a Kobo or similar eReader, you can download news from Stuff into it from here:

Andalusia in Spain deploys 220,000 Ubuntu workstations to its schools and finds it not only cuts costs but encourages creativity:

Adobe Flash Player and PDF viewer is vulnerable to a zero-day exploit again. All platforms affected:

Apple announce the iPhone 4 with higher resolution screen, better and more cameras & 6-axis gyro for US$199. 3G drops to US$99. Not in NZ:

And finally. Quadcopters go distributed. These helicopters can dock together to form large, stable flight platforms:

Vik :v) Diamond Age Solutions Ltd.

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