Monday, July 26, 2010

26-Jul-2010 PM clippings


Irony abounds as Australia's "Open Government" censors 90% of its plans to spy on its citizens' mail and internet use to stifle debate:

While in Austria, Linz is to have not just Open Source, but an Open Commons, Open Courseware, Open Data, advisory and coordination centre:

Dell drops Ubuntu from its online store, claiming that advanced users will order it by phone. Are they incompetent or being lent on?:

India's US$35 computing device seems to be just a pipe-dream, for the foreseeable future at least:

And finally. A classic example of the stupidity of the "free market", viz. the 6-bladed razor. I gave up at 2 blades + slime strip:

Vik :v) Diamond Age Solutions Ltd.

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