Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11-Aug-2010 AM clippings


How do you make a touch display irresistable? Well, you use fibre optics to make it furry:

The Motorola Driod 2 is official, and so is the R2-D2 version for dedicated Star Wars fans. Han shot first!:

For Star Trek fans, here is a comparison between the development process of Star Trek clipboards and the iPad:

Luminar is a lighbulb-format computer with a mini-projector and camera. It fits in a lamp and projects a workspace on your desk:

A new solar energy conversion process called PETE converts heat and light to power simutaneously and works well in solar concentrators:

And finally. German boar might not fly, but they do have a very unhealthy radioactive glow - and their numbers are increasing:,1518,709345,00.html

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